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It is very important to provide a healthy and safe working environment for employees in an organization. A safe environment can help to minimize the chances of employee absenteeism due to illnesses caused by poor conditions in the workplace. Unfortunately, some employers ignore the importance of a healthy and safe working environment. This is why it can be helpful if all employers were required by law to undergo an ohs course. The course would enable them to understand the dangers that their employees are faced with if appropriate measures are not put in place. The following are some of the standards which should be maintained in the workplace:

Presence of Fire Extinguishers and Fire Exit Routes.

All busy organizations should have well maintained fire extinguishers, fire exit routes and fire assembly points. It is particularly important for large manufacturing firms, processing firms and electronics companies to have these devices ready. The absence of such facilities could pose a lot of risks because a fire break out can occur unexpectedly. The damages could include loss of important facilities of the employer or organization and even loss of lives. If there are plenty of fire extinguishers, the employees may manage to put out the fire , especially if they have undergone a fire fighting training.

What You Need To Know About Work Health and Safety

Presence of Ready and Appropriate First Aid.

Employers should consider training their employees to offer first aid to fellow employees in case of accidents. Accidents can result in injuries such as cuts, burns and scalds. The employers should also ensure that there are appropriate first aid tools at the work place. If the employer provides such facilities, the employees would feel that their employer values them.

Personal Safety Equipment.

Organizations that deal with highly reactive or poisonous chemicals should ensure that their employees are provided with adequate and relevant personal safety equipments. Such equipments can include gas masks and gloves . Employees working in very noisy working conditions should be provided with earmuffs to prevent the excessive sounds from damaging their ears.

Temperatures in Working Environments should be Regulated.

Working environments that produce a lot of heat should have temperature regulators to cushion the employees from the excessive heat produced. In addition, the rooms should have adequate ventilation to allow fresh air to enter. If the working environment is an open office system, the room should be large enough to ensure that the employees are not congested in it.

Sanitation and clean water.

All organizations ought to provide good standards of sanitation. They should also provide plenty of water. The existence of a good sanitation and the presence of clean water ensures that employees can maintain high hygiene standards as specified by hygienists.

Each cook that cooks for employees in an organization should undergo a medical test.

Ensuring that cooks are medically fit helps to minimize the chances of infections. If possible, all the other employees can also undergo medical tests.


If the above mentioned standards are observed in the workplace, there would be no major or safety issues to be worried about.


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