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Advertisers have found a new scope in promoting products and services through Social Media Marketing. However, there has been an unending debate on which is more effective – visual or text ads.  Through the popularity of the internet worldwide, people had started identifying the differences considering the various features of each. For entrepreneurs investing in online advertising, they are now getting the benefits of both mediums of social media marketing networks. When you go online, you can find several advertisement packages for SEO services, link building, PPC campaigns, and text ads that you can choose for your business. Most importantly, understand the benefits and know how it works before deciding to use any of these methods.


Visual Ads

In the past, visual ads became the best marketing tool for promoting a website or online business. The reason for its popularity is the ability to be viewed easily with its attractive appearance. With its multicolored layout and design, it can easily catch the attention of online users. After some time, this was proven to be ineffective. Billions of dollars were spent, but did not provide the Return of Investment that was expected. Because of this, marketers and advertisers were forced to reevaluate the concepts of online advertising through visual ads.

Benefits of Using Visual Ads

  • This kind of ad, when used in marketing and social networking sites can easily be viewed by online visitors.
  • Visual ads contribute to the branding of a business by making the logo and name popular on the internet. The attractive layout and designs of visual ads is what encourages people to visit social media marketing sites.
  • The use of visual ads is tempting and gives curiosity to users followed by the act of clicking it.
  • Visual ads makes products and services visible and noticeable online and through it, potential customers can get an overview.
  • Visual ads do not only attract, but also provides information about the business, services and products.
  • With the use of visual ads, you can focus only with one ad per unit.

Text Ads

Alongside the visual ads came text ads. The main task of a text ad is to provide a link to online visitors that will lead to your network.

Benefits of Using Text Ads

  • With text ads, you are not limited to one post per unit. Rather, you can post more related topics together with your text post.
  • As compared to visual ads, this ad is more acceptable for any social media marketing sites.
  • The costs related to text ads are relatively lower than visual ads. Due to the simplicity of the content, it is considered cost-effective.
  • To make it more affordable, you can include more than one ad per unit.
  • The possibility of clicking a text ad can be increased simply by including colorful texts.
  • As compared to visual ads, this method can be easily created and executed since it does not include images and visual effects.

The Battle Between Text Ads and Visual Ads

It is no doubt that both concepts were proven effective at some point in advertising. Ideally, they have been used to entice online visitors to visit an advertiser’s site but with the use of different facilities. When choosing between the two, always consider the effectiveness and the contribution it can give to the business.

When choosing the kind of ad campaign, make sure to consider the nature of the product. For financial services, insurance and other services, text ads can be beneficial to the business. On the other hand, if your product shows some appearance and style like apparel, furniture, electronic gadgets and decorations, visual ads is the best choice. However, you should always remember that these ads do not give a 100% guarantee because there are other factors to consider. Above all, make sure to follow the guidelines and consult the experts for further assistance.

Modern Concept for Contextual Ads

Aside from these conventional ads, Google Adsense launched the concept of contextual ads, which gives a combination of visual and text ads. The main purpose of this campaign is to attract potential customers in a more effective manner. Moreover, it gives equal popularity to both visual and text ads and shows that there’s no such thing as inferior.  With contextual ads, attractive visual ads entice customers with their visual beauty, while text ads provide the needed information about the products and services.

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Austin R. is an IT Professional from He has passed SY0-301 test. Currently he is preparing for VCP510 test. He likes to write about technology and social media.