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Polished concrete flooring is an increasingly popular option for businesses and commercial spaces that are used by many people every day. The floor is made from concrete that has been ground down in several stages. Every stage uses a slightly finer grinding surface than the last. The result is a floor that is reflective and highly resistant to damage. Most floors that are made in this way have a chemical treatment applied at the end in order to change the appearance of the concrete or to add another level of protection to the surface. This type of flooring has several advantages over other solutions when used in a business or commercial space.

Easy Maintenance
Polished concrete flooring is incredibly easy to maintain. The surface is resistant to staining. The surface also has no areas where allergens and pollutants can accumulate over time. Floors that receive light to moderate traffic can be cleaned with warm water and mild soap. The polished surface makes it difficult for debris or other substances to stick permanently to the surface. Regular cleaning of the floor will help to retain the polish so that the surface looks brand new after every wash. One of the only guidelines that must be followed when maintaining the flooring is to avoid the use of abrasive materials that could slowly grind away the polished finish.

A polished concrete floor that is properly maintained and cleaned is more durable than almost any other flooring solution. The concrete and the polish will last for decades and can potentially remain in good condition for over a century if a business is careful. The concrete floor is highly resistant to chipping and cracking. The breathable nature of the concrete means that high humidity and moisture will not result in warping that will make the floor uneven. Concrete also has an incredibly high weight capacity. This is one reason why concrete floors are a popular option in showrooms that hold heavy items like automobiles or large appliances. The durability of concrete makes floors a perfect choice for workshops and fabrication businesses. Dropped tools or heavy materials in these environments will not damage the concrete in most cases.

Lower Costs
Polished concrete flooring is a very economical solution for most businesses. The floor can be poured, set and cured in a very short amount of time. The equipment and supplies that are needed to create the finished surface cost very little when compared to the supplies that are needed for a tiled, carpeted or wood floor. Buildings that already have concrete on the first level can have a polished floor installed with very little effort. The reduction in the time and cost that are involved in installation makes concrete a good choice for businesses that need to renovate large interior spaces.

Environmentally Friendly
The installation of concrete flooring is more environmentally friendly than most other flooring solutions. Large amounts of harmful chemicals are not used during installation. The materials that the concrete is made from can be recycled. The floor improves indoor air quality, lowers heating costs and requires very little energy to install. The normally long life of a concrete floor also means that buildings will have a small environmental footprint over the coming decades.

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