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After reading that title your probably sat thinking, what is CNC and why do I want it. CNC stands for computer numerical control, and a CNC machine is a device that can perform a huge variety of operations onto a given material. These machines can be used in highly automated production lines to produce virtually any material, device or tool you can imagine. If you already have a working production line, you are probably thinking so what? But what you don’t know is that CNC machines offer a host of benefits that other manufacturing machines just can’t.

Unprecedented Precision
Simply put the modern CNC machine is both state of the art and revolutionary. They are so state of the art that is quite literally took MIT to design them. CNC machines have an incredibly simple method, a material is simply automatically run across table while a tool at the end of a spindle acts upon the material. What is remarkable about CNC machines is the level of precision this tool can produce.

The Swiss Army Knife of Manufacturing Machines
As I have mentioned a CNC machine can perform a highly variable list of functions, these functions include: drilling, welding, cutting (laser, water jet, plasma and hot foam), grinding, 3D printing, sewing, taping, milling, boring and gluing. This may seem like a mouth-full but it really is just scratching the surface of what a CNC machine is capable of.

A Reliable Investment
I am sure by now that I have convinced you of the prowess of the CNC machines, but what I am yet to impress upon you is that purchasing CNC machines will not only increase your product quality but also save you money in the long run. CNC machines have (relatively) low energy requirements and low levels of waste output, both of which save you money and provide you with environmental peace of mind. CNC machines are also time effective, saving you further on operating costs.  Furthermore, these machines are highly durable so if you do purchase one (or a whole set) CNC machine you might want to think about naming it, as it will be with you for a very, very long time.

CNC machines are highly automated, highly precise, highly cost effective and highly variable pieces of machinery. They are so impressive that they have very much caused a miniature revolution in the engineering sector. So don’t get left behind, start considering your purchase immediately.

This article was written by Jacob Catt on behalf of Griffiths Eng, providers of CNC machinery and are experts in their operations.