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Driving is expensive, everyone knows that, but why is it so much more expensive to drive a car in Britain than any other part of Europe?

Driving in Britain is more expensive than in any other part of Europe. Driving has become such an expensive necessity that dealerships have started to offer great deals on MOT and servicing, such as £99 for the two.

The cost, on average, of running a family saloon car for a year in Britain is almost £5,000 – £4,997 to be precise – this is higher than the cost of the same car in Spain, Italy, France and Germany. Brits pay around £642 more than Spain, £320 more than Germany, £513 higher than France and £465 more than the Italians.

Average British drivers will cover around 12,500 miles a year it works out that we pay around 40 pence per mile for fuel. A new car in Britain also costs around £2,000 more than in the rest of Europe. The fact that Britons pay more to run a car is down to higher fuel prices and road tax. Road tax is around double that of Germany and Spain, a quarter more than France and Italians do not pay road tax.

The UK however, does tend to have the cheapest car insurance policies, but this doesn’t really cut down the driving costs. One of the ways that car manufacturers have been trying to help cut the costs of driving is building cheaper, more economic cars. Here are a few of the cheapest most economic new cars.

Included in the list was the Toyota Aygo 1.0 litre, with fuel costing, on average 28.2p per mile; the Chevrolet Spark 1.0 litre, 28.1 pence per mile; Smart ForTwo, 27.9p per mile; Ford KA Studio 1.2 litre, with an average of 27.8p per mile; the Suzuki Alto, the Hyundai i10 and Nissan Pixo Visia were also ranked highly. The top three cars however were the Kia Picanto 1.0 litre; this car does an average of 25.6p per mile, it’s a small cheap new car to buy. Considering its size it seems to have a lot of space inside. This car has no gadgets and gizmos so it’s cheap to run and repair; the car also comes with a seven year warranty. The Renault Clio was next on the list, the 1.2 litre expression model with five doors and air conditioning. This car drives at a cheap 24.5 pence per mile and is a quiet, comfortable drive. However, this car does have a slight down fall as its initial purchase price is around £11,000. The top dog car in terms of cost efficiency is the Renault Twingo 1.2 litre Bizu model. This car runs at 22.9p per mile. It’s a small, yet sporty feeling car that is cheap to run and maintain with prices starting from £6,595.

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