Why People Love To Travel?

Why People Love To Travel?

There is no place like home, but most of like to go somewhere far, far away from that same home and take a break from our everyday lives. Traveling experiences are one of the many things that make our lives richer, and give us the opportunity to do what we do best – live. All year round, many of us only exist on paper, in their office chairs, in their homes glued to their sofas and in front of their desktop computers and TV’s. Traveling, on the other hand, gives us that unique chance to meet interesting and new people, get a taste of exotic cuisine, set our feet on the ground we have never set our them on before – it gives us a chance to actively live our life.

Some of the Most Common Reasons Why People Love to Travel
The list can be quite long, when it comes to reasons why people love to travel. Therefore, we will narrow this list down, and exclude reasons similar to the following: traveling to Spain just to taste their tomato. Though differences might exist between tomato from your country and the one grown in Spain, this is still not the most common reason that will get people to travel. So, here is a list of reasons that might get you to jump on a plain, bus, or car, and visit any location you want:

  1. Romance – This is one of the most common reasons why people love to travel. How often have you heard about Hawaii weddings? I am sure that your ears are probably ringing from all that wedding talk about the dream weddings at all those romantic destinations. There are also people who need to go to an idealistic destination, only to realize that all they don’t need to go anywhere in order to enjoy romantic dinners, and share love and romantic gestures.
  2. Learning Experiences – When visiting a foreign country, the opportunities to learn something new are everywhere.  Whether you want to learn a new language, or meet different cultures and their customs and traditions, your requirements will be satisfied. Not only will you be more culturally rich, but you will also broaden your mind. You will have greater understanding for different people, different customs, and everything that is out of the ordinary.
  3. Having Fun – Many people are not as precise as we would like them to be. At the question of why they want to travel and visit different countries and continents, they will answer that they only want to have fun. This is a bit imprecise, and can be connected with going on a romantic, yet fun vacation; learning new languages; meeting new people; tasting new dishes, and so much more. Having as much fun as we can – isn’t that the point of traveling?

Some of the Most Common Reasons Why People Don’t Love to Travel

As opposed to enthusiastic travelers, there are also people who don’t enjoy traveling that much. They too have their reasons why traveling around the world, or just a short trip to a neighboring town is not their cup of tea. So, let’s find out what they have to say about not wanting to travel:

  1. Enjoying What You Have – Many people are completely satisfied with everything surrounding them. They don’t have the urge to go someplace exotic, but they would rather rent out a DVD in order to meet a new culture; they would find a TV channel that will teach them to prepare new exotic dishes, and when it comes to new languages, they will rather take a course and master some of the world’s most famous languages that learn the language through speaking with native speakers – face to face.
  2. Bad Travelers – Some people just don’t react well to leaving their homes. They get sick during their trip, their stomachs cannot adapt to new water and food. In simplest words, bad travelers spend their entire vacations in their rooms, with an enormous desire to go back home as soon as possible.

Now, reading the article above, you can decide whether you are a ‘good’ or a ‘bad’ traveler, and based on that decide how you are going to spend your next vacation.

About the Author: Chris Moe is a blogger, surfer, and surf instructor at Shaka surf and Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica. You can follow him on Facebook.

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