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There is only one overriding reason why you must have your vehicle checked regularly: safety: for yourself, your loved ones and other people. You should keep your vehicle safe to operate, safe while in operation, safe even when not in use. In short, it must be safe all the times because everytime you ride your car or operate your vehicle, you place your life and the lives of your companions and those on the road onto the quality of operation of the vehicle.

Always remember that when you ride your car and running on the road, for instance, you are inside a cocoon of steel and some glass. While such a cocoon protects you from outside forces to some degree, the harder-than-your-body materials can likewise hurt you should they give way before the same outside forces and crumple on you, which is what happens in a vehicular crash.

The trick is to minimize the chances of that crash ever happening by effectively managing the factors under your control relative to your vehicle and yourself, and that includes vehicle maintenance. Maintenance means regular check-ups to preempt imminent parts or components breakdown, prolong the vehicle’s useful life, and improve its mechanical performance. It equates to safer trips and trouble-free operation.

The term ‘trouble-free operation’ here means everything mechanical runs smoothly, the electronics

Granted that manufacturers never wanted their products to last forever, and your vehicle has been programmed to fail somehow sometime. But that point is a long way in the future, perhaps as far away as 50 years and even more, since you can still see some 50 years old car models that still make their presence known in the roads and highways these days. The objective here is to make your car last 50 years or more, and you along with it, through careful and regular maintenance.function as they should and you operate your vehicle without any problems, so that you are assured of reaching your destination according to plan. It is not healthy to be always worrying when your car will fail while you are travelling, and what will fail each time. It can be stressful, to say the least.

Now what are the areas where maintenance can be critical? The major ones are the engine, transmission, brakes and wheels. The minor areas include the steering system, the fuel line and over-all body/chassis condition. But of course, when you have your car checked, be sure to have the mechanic and the shop check everything they can because everything relates to your safety while on the road.

When you have your vehicle regularly checked for possible, probable and imminent breakdown, and those potential trouble points are corrected, you can then have peace of mind that the mechanical contraption you call your car will not fail on you while you are on the road. You have your car to help you live and enjoy life, and not be the cause of your troubles. Otherwise, you may be better off walking, which can be healthier in many ways than simply avoiding car trouble anyway.

This was a guest post by Peter from Fozmula, manufacturers of liquid level sensors and measurement equipment for motor equipment.