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Wolverine began manufacturing footwear in the American northeast over a century ago – playing a major part in U.S. history by supplying heavy-duty workboots for the construction industry.

Early building workers kitted out by Wolverine helped build the roads, railways and later the towering skyscrapers that shaped a continent – and from humble roots in Michigan in the 1880s they have gone on to find recognition all over the world.

Now part of a global company that incorporates Hush Puppies and Merrell, Wolverine have continued their commitment of constructing high-quality footwear using the very latest in new technology and engineering techniques, catering for walkers, hikers, and anyone who loves to experience the great outdoors.

Twenty years ago the company introduced the first in a long line of break-through innovations, culminating in the unique Wolverine Contour Welt – which, they claim, results in ‘the world’s most comfortable boots and shoes.’ Their claim is backed up by a 30-day, money-back guarantee if the customer thinks otherwise.

Modern-day Replica

Wolverine aficionados have long enjoyed the craftsmanship of DuraShocks and MultiShox technology and Fushion and Compressor engineering. Their 1883 collection evokes memories of their very first workboot, with the thick rubber soles of the Apprentice and Badlands range reminiscent of the original constructor’s boot, in a modern-day replica of the classic footwear that set them on the road to success almost 130 years ago.

Alongside the traditional workboot, Wolverine’s comprehensive range of trekking and hiking shoes and boots are epitomised by the all-weather Hatch and Terrain approach shoes and the Compass walking boot, designed for the trail and guaranteed to help you go further with less foot fatigue.

The very latest in Wolverine technology is incorporated in models including the Fulcrum and Metron, with the Individual Comfort System allowing you to personalise your footwear by way of a disc under the insole; simple adjustment customises the level of support to tailor your every step to the way your foot moves…taking into consideration your individual gait and the way you walk.

  • Hush Puppies have been around since the 1950s, and have long been the last word in leisure-wear comfort.

In an era when footwear choices were extremely limited, the company introduced supple suede to a lightweight crepe sole…and the relaxed, soft and breathable result changed the way we treated our feet forever.

Merrell too are now part of Wolverine Worldwide, with a renowned range of footwear that has been encouraging walking enthusiasts to make the most of their time outdoors, whether it’s strolling to the local park, pounding the pavements of a new city or wandering their way around the world.

Nicki Williams is a copy writer for outdoor specialists Gear-Zone, where you’ll find all the major walking and hiking shoe brands including Wolverine, Merrell, Scarpa. Keen and Brasher

Picture source: Gear-Zone/Wolverine