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Doing the cleaning when moving is a major task that you need to prepare for. Whether you are leasing or selling your current home, you need to leave it in an appropriate condition for the next people who will use it.
When relocating, you should consider preparing a move out – move in cleaning checklist. Hope these moving and cleaning tips will guide you into the whole cleaning job

Examine your home and make your move out – move in cleaning checklist. It should contain all the things you have to clean in your home. That way you can plan what to clean first and how to clean your home. You can do all the windows at a time for example or go cleaning room by room, however you feel comfortable doing.

Read the warnings on all cleaning products and use rubber gloves to protect your hands. Be careful with any cleaning product and make sure it is applicable for the surface you are going to use it on.

To do list before moving

Prepare yourself that you will need to first protect your home when relocating. This means to cover the carpets and the walls for the moving day. At the same time when moving items that have sharp edges like chairs or tables, wrap up their legs with towels so that they won’t damage the flooring. You can also ask your movers for a professional advice. They can also help you with many other aspects of your move like packing and storage.

Miscellaneous items to clean

Start making your move out cleaning list by including in it the most common things to do all around the home:

  • Wipe the walls. Remove the mounted pictures and the hooks from them. If there are any holes in it, they should be filled in and then the wall repainted again.
  •  Look around for cobwebs at the walls, corners and ceilings and remove them, if there are any.
  • Clean the switches on the walls.
  • Vacuum the carpets and clean flooring in the kitchen, toilet and bathroom. All carpets must be shampooed as well, especially if there are any stains.
  • Clean the windows and the drapes.
  • Sweep all the debris and the ashes in the fireplace, and wash it from the outside.
  • Clean the doors, all shelves and cupboards. The shelves, wardrobes, cupboards must be emptied and wiped.
  • If there are light bulbs that have gone off, replace them.
  • You should also clean the vents.
  • Replace the smoke detector batteries that are dead. If the batteries of the garage remote are dead – change them as well.

How to clean the kitchen

  • Besides cleaning appliances like a fridge, freezer, dishwasher, microwave and stove, you should also wipe below, behind and around them. Remember to unplug them before cleaning and defrost the fridge and freezer.
  • Clean the cabinets and the drawers.
  • Wipe all shelves and surfaces including the doors, the walls, the ceiling and the corners.
  • Clean the sink, faucet and the dustbin.

Living room cleaning

  • Start with the walls, the corners and the ceiling. Clean them and remove the cobwebs.
  • Continue with the shelves and all surfaces like upholstery.
  • Move on with the floor, carpet and baseboard.
  • Empty all shelves and drawers.
  • Dust gently all the electronics using only suitable cleaning materials. Electronics can be easily scratched so be careful when cleaning it.

For the bathroom

  • Wipe all the tiles, cabinets, shelves and mirrors. Do not miss the towel bars and the soap dishes as well.
  • Disinfect the toilet, tub, shower, sink and faucet.
  • Wash all walls, corners and remove the cobwebs.
  • Scour the floor and remove any mold, mildew and limestone.
  • Clean the ceiling as well and all vents.
  • Wash all covers and fixtures.

Clean the bedroom(s)

  • Clean the windows, window frames and curtains.
  • Vacuum the carpet and wipe the baseboard.
  • Empty all shelves, drawers and wardrobes and clean them thoroughly.

Clean the outdoors

  • Remember to take away all of your personal belongings and the garbage, and mow the loan in the yard.
  • In the garage, take out the trash, clean the floor and remove oil stains by using a degreasing agent.

Have fun. Play some nice music while cleaning, ask friends to come and help you. It is always easier and quicker to do some work in the company of friends.

Many state to state movers offer cleaning solutions along with the moving service. If you think the cleaning job will be too much for you, leave it to a pro.

Manuella Irwin is a moving specialist and a marketing professional at My Moving Reviews.