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It’s certainly no surprise that competition for jobs all over the country has gotten even tighter. Employers are looking for job seekers who have a wide range of talents and skills, and they have the upper hand. There are also hundreds of thousands of job candidates from overseas who are moving to America and filling these skilled jobs. What does this mean to parents of kids in the U.S.? That we need to do everything we can to ensure our children have all of the tools and skills they need to be competitive when they are ready to look for jobs. One way parents can help to give their kids get a leg up on future career competition is by enrolling them in youth sports organizations.

What can youth sports teach your kids to help them succeed in the workplace as they get older? Sports help children of all ages to learn a number of valuable lessons including teamwork, responsibility, sportsmanship and confidence.

As we all know, the workplace is filled with people from all walks of life with varying opinions and beliefs, yet everyone must come together to achieve a common goal. Big projects can’t be handled by one person alone, so it’s very important that everyone knows how to work well with others to get the job done. When your child participates in youth sports organizations, they will play on teams that require everyone working as one to play the game. This helps your child to practice compromising, sharing and listening to others. As your child grows up, the value of teamwork will carry on with them throughout their personal and professional life.

Kids who play team sports must learn about responsibility and fulfilling obligations. They need to know how to manage practices and games with their schoolwork. Understanding obligations and learning to manage time are vital for kids’ success throughout the rest of their school years and will help them in every facet of their life.

Life is full of wins and losses, some big and some small. Kids need to learn how to roll with the punches no matter what happens in their work and personal lives. If they don’t understand good sportsmanship, this can set them back in their future career and in their personal lives.

Confidence is absolutely essential to the well-being of all kids and the importance grows as they get older and enter the workforce. Children who lack confidence and self-esteem may perform poorly in school, withdraw from their peers and may sell themselves short when it comes to setting future goals. Kids need to be ambitious and driven if they want to make it in the real world and stand apart from the competition when job searching. Youth sports organizations give kids the chance to gain confidence in their abilities and to feel great on the inside.

As you can see, youth sports organizations are for more than just occupying your child’s time. They also instill important values in your child that can help them immensely in the future. Kids need every advantage in today’s competitive world and as their parent; you can help set them up for success. All that you need to do is find sports teams in your area that will fit with your child’s skills and their schedules. In order to do this, you can search a sports directory. There you’ll find all of the youth sports organizations in your area and the contact information you need to enroll your child. You’ll find sports ranging from basketball to lacrosse, as well as other pertinent information such as when practices are and how much enrollment costs. The directory is easy to use and before you know it, you can have your child signed up and ready to start learning core values.

Bryon Blandin of is committed to creating the first complete national sports youth directory so parents and athletes can keep up-to-date on youth sports around the country.