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4 Tips For Throwing A Successful Party

Throwing a party is often a stressful and hectic experience. Don’t worry; just follow the tips we have put together below to having a stress free and successful event.

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Plan Ahead

This is a no brainer. So give yourself plenty of time before the event to plan. The more time you give yourself the less stressful the planning process will be. How far in advance you need to plan the event will depend on its size and complexity. A 300-person wedding will take a lot more time to plan than a 20-person dinner party. The further from the event you begin the planning process the better. You will give yourself plenty of time to find the location, caterer, or other services you need.

Get Help

You don’t need to do it all alone. Get a friend or family member to help you plan. This will lighten your load and give you someone to bounce ideas off of. You can also enlist the help of an event planner if you’d like, but we suggest saving that money for a great caterer, a great location, decorations, etc.

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Make a Guest List

It is important to make a guest list early on in the planning process. Having a list in place will help you avoid problems in planning the catering and choosing a location. Make sure you know of any physical ailments your guests may suffer from. Is this event for an older crowd that has trouble with stairs? Is anyone confined to a wheel chair? These are important things to know when choosing a location and will help you pick a location that is accessible to everyone and everyone can enjoy. Also find out if anyone on the guest list has any food allergies. Peanuts, shellfish, gluten and other allergies are important to document for the safety of your guests. The caterer will also want to know any food allergies so they can take the proper precautions to prevent any contamination of the food.

Set the Atmosphere

Choosing an atmosphere for your event is an important step in the planning process. Is it a subdued, intimate dinner party or a birthday bash? Is there a theme? Maybe your event is a Hawaiian Luau or a small Italian birthday dinner? Making these decisions early on will help with the selection of the location, the purchase of any decorations, choosing the music(none, a dj or live band), and most importantly the menu. Knowing the theme of a party far in advance will help you plan a menu with any theme specific dishes.

Keep these things in mind next time you are planning an event. You will enjoy the process more, reduce your stress level, and put on your event without a glitch.

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