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Scuba diving is either a perfect way to spend some time during a holiday, or in fact, the entire purpose of a holiday in itself. It offers a sense of adventure and excitement and a chance to look at our beautiful planet from a completely different perspective. There are many great diving destinations to choose from and below we list 5 of the very best.

The Great Barrier Reef: It goes without saying that this is one of the most famous diving destinations in the world and to some degree that fame may put some people off. This is a shame though because Yongala on the Great Barrier Reef is simply stunning, having many unique and colourful fish species swimming amongst the beautiful coral. The best time of year for diving here is in March.

The Maldives: There are a number of ways that a diving holiday in the Maldives can be enjoyed, with perhaps one of the best being on a live aboard boat. Whilst on board, holidaymakers can enjoy up to four dives a day, witnessing manta rays, sharks, atoll walls and turtles. These holidays are suited to singles and couples and offer terrific value for money in one of the most beautiful parts of the world.

Belize: The central American country of Belize was once administered by the British and so English is the first language there. Feeling like a cross between other central American countries and the Caribbean, its people are typically laid back and friendly. A series of islands off the mainland offers perfect beaches and, more importantly, some wonderful dive sites. Boasting a barrier reef system second only to that in Australia in size, it has arguably the best diving in the Caribbean with unique marine life and coral formations.

Sharm el Sheikh: This Egyptian holiday resort is located on the Red Sea and one of its greatest attractions to tourists from Europe and beyond is its wonderful perennial weather and competitive prices. There are a number of resorts in the area which offer a range of accommodation for people of all budgets. Experienced divers will love the range of dives on offer here and for beginners this is also the perfect place in which to learn and gain a PADI licence.

Sulawesi: Sulawesi is often regarded as the best diving spot in Indonesia. This archipelago is located in the Sulawesi Sea and has a wealth of biodiversity throughout its reef system. Visibility is good for divers here being between twenty five and thirty metres and as a matter of fact, new species are regularly discovered along these reefs.

Whilst the above five places are considered to be among the best diving destinations in the world, there are of course many others to choose from. When making a decision about which diving holiday to take, some attention should be paid to what time of year to visit as this will play a part in not only the weather but also what marine life might be seen there as well.

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