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Losing weight is a challenge that many men and women deal with on a consistent basis. Fad diets, new weight loss pills, and come-and-go exercise routines constantly hit the news as the thing to be a part of, and then they quickly fade to the side. For someone who is serious about losing weight and keeping it off, trying out each new fad for exercise and dieting that comes along can quickly become frustrating.

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There are five simple solutions that will help nearly anyone to lose weight and to keep it off. It is also important to remember that all good things are worth working for and this is certainly true when it comes to improving a body and shedding extra pounds. Trying five simple activities on a regular basis will result in a person gradually making a lifestyle change. This will produce positive and healthy results for the person and he or she will look and feel fantastic once the pounds begin to fall away and stay away.

1. Exercise

Take thirty minutes four times a week to engage in physical exercise. The exercise does not necessarily have to be done at a gym and it can consist of widely varying routines. Walking, jogging, dancing, horseback riding, swimming, yoga, and tennis are all options people can consider to get their bodies more active. This will help to burn calories and tone muscles.

2. Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Replace the largest portions of meat and carbohydrates with fruits and vegetables. Because meats and carbs taste so good, people consume more of these foods in calories during meals than anything else. Replace the majority of these foods during each meal with leafy green salads, berries, and crunchy, raw vegetables. Drinking more water will also help to keep the body sustained during workouts. The body will feel more satisfied and hunger cravings will reduce.

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3. Exercise with others

Get your family involved with exercise routines and changes in eating habits. Having a support group and people working together towards a common goal is always a benefit.

4. Record Your Progress

Record your progress and your setbacks. Writing down weight loss each week will help you to stay on track and to keep focused on your goals.

5. Set Goals

Push yourself to do better and to do more. When you reach a certain weight loss goal but still have a ways to go until you are satisfied, turn up the intensity level in your workouts to push your body to be its best.

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