A Luxurious Stay In London

A Luxurious Stay In London

A great global city with some of the most famous attractions in the world; there is something for everyone in London. London plays home to an array of interesting and theatre, history, art, business, fashion, traditional food, a traditional of incredible music and of course, royalty.

With so many sights to see it can be hard to take up everything London has to offer, but there are treats and surprises to be found in every corner! In this guide, we will look at some of the more luxurious hidden gems around London, as the local postcard stand will be more than enough to inform you of the main attractions in the capital city.

Delicious Food
Head to the southern end of London Bridge to find Borough Market, London’s oldest food market dating back to Roman times, it is a relative newcomer to its current site, even though it was established a mere 250 years ago. Borough Market opens Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

For lunch, stop by restaurant ‘Fifteen’, owned by famed celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver; in addition to being a popular gourmet restaurant, ‘Fifteen’ seeks to give disadvantages youths an opportunity to build careers within the food industry. The food here is wonderful, and with a changing menu of delicious Mediterranean cuisine, visiting twice will never be the same!

‘Top Notch’ Accommodation
With its great location in central London near the River Thames and St Pauls Cathedral, Hotel Threadneedles is an excellent choice. A former banking hall built in 1856; it combines bold elements from the past alongside a chic contemporary style that results in a perfect balance of understated sophistication. The hotel restaurant serves up delicious high-quality food for residents looking to eat in.

For a snack and pre-club drink visit ‘The Social’, a popular West End Bar created by the people behind Heavenly Records. Lively, unpretentious and always playing great music, The Social has something for everyone. The section upstairs keeps a consistently cool, laid back vibe whilst downstairs houses the stage for the variety of regular bands and DJ’s that play the local area.

For more dancing and good times, be sure to head to Club Mire. This classy club offers nightlife at its finest; with a selection of bars to hide out in, this club must be seen to be believed. The whole experience the club offers is truly remarkable; the stylish décor, friendly service and cutting-edge electro-house soundtrack make up an evening that you are unlikely to forget (providing you drink in moderation!).

So there we are; a few high-class locations to be explored and indulged in London. Remember to delve deep into the classy locations hidden around London!

Daniel Travis – Brown is an avid traveller and has visited London on plenty of occasions; he writes regularly on behalf of SkyParkSecure Airport Parking. For more great travel tips and advice, find Dan on Twitter @DanTravisBrown

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