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After many years of working in the catering industry I decided to set up my own business.  There are always opportunities in catering for those with business knowledge and drive and this is a great way to start working for yourself.

Getting Started
I know how hard the catering business can be.  The hours can be long and the work very hard and stressful at times.  However I also know that there is good money available for those that are prepared to work for it.  During my career I have worked in many different areas including wedding catering, family restaurants and country house hotels.  These were quite stressful positions and often involved long hours and early and late starts.  I didn’t want this kind of stress for my own business and so I started to consider other options in catering.

  • The Internet was a big draw for me and I looked into ways in which I could make this great resource work for me.
  • I finally find the inspiration I was looking for in an online blog.  This was written by a stay-at-home mum who had set up her own cupcake making business.
  • She ran this purely online and from humble roots had built this up into a thriving family business.
  • This idea really appealed to me as during my catering career I trained under a pastry chef.
  • Sweets and desserts had always been my preference when working in a busy kitchen environment.
  • I wanted to provide more than just cupcakes though.  Whilst I worked in the country house hotel I spent a lot of time making fancy pastries and cakes for the afternoon teas.
  • These afternoon teas were always incredibly popular and we had many enquiries about providing them for business events as well.
  • After a little research I realised that these high-end pastries and cakes were a viable business option.
  • I had enough funding available to set up a small kitchen and build the business up online with a website and marketing.

Sourcing Equipment
One of my biggest initial set up costs was always going to be buying the equipment I needed for my catering business.  I had some good contacts in the industry but and managed to get some second-hand equipment that did save me money.  I was also lucky enough to stumble across some great specialist catering suppliers online.  These online sellers offered some affordable quality equipment essential for my pastries and cake making business.

I bought most of the equipment I needed for my catering business quickly and easily online.  This included a number of hard-to-find items such as specialist cream whipper equipment.