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Team building activities can be very valuable to the dynamic of your workplace. They allow employees to spend time together in a different context other than the office which gives them a chance to get to know each other better and foster a rapport. Team building activities can also teach new skills and improve communication between all members of the organization.

There are the customary team-building retreats available out there, but what if your organization wants to try something a little different? There are many unique and unconventional types of team building activities out there for the company that likes to think outside the box. Here are some creative ideas to get you started:

Go on a Treasure Hunt
A fun activity could be to organize a treasure hunt which requires your employees to work in teams and solve the clues to find the treasure. Each team can play for a particular charity or a family in need. The best surprise is that at the end of the quest when the winning team opens the treasure they will discover that there is more than enough for all of the team’s charities or families.

Sail the Seas (Or perhaps the River Thames)
Why not take your employees out on the water with a corporate sailing trip? Barges and sailboats can be great venues for corporate events and people will need to work together in order to operate the equipment. Whenever you take a group of people outside of their familiar environment like this, they will start from a level playing field which will break down their barriers and help to build relationships. You will also be able to enjoy the pleasure of the fresh air and sunshine during a relaxing day on the water.

Cooking Together
You might be able to cook up a great project proposal together, but could you cook up a delicious meal with your team? Why not try a corporate cooking experience, where your employees can learn to sauté mushrooms, make a sauce reduction and sear meat to perfection. Cooking together is a very social activity which brings people together and the bonus is that you will get to eat your tasty creations at the end of the day!

Corporate team building can foster a happier and stronger workplace environment where your employees want to come to work and productivity soars. Take the time to invest in fun team building activities so that everyone feels connected and involved in the company.

There are many options out there for fun and unique corporate activities, from team building catering to sailing trips!