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Experience The Rafting Adventure of a Lifetime This Summer

There is a little pleasure that everyone should experience once in their life. White Water Rafting is fun, exciting, exhilarating, and intense all at the same time. Nothing gets your heart pounding harder, faster. For 44 years now, West Virginia Rafting has held the title of best rafting in the East. The best part of it all is that rafting is a sport that every one of every age can enjoy. If you prefer a relaxing, gentler experience, then a leisurely trip down the river is what you’re looking for. If you prefer the adrenaline rush of speed and the feel of water on your face, then whitewater rafting is the choice for you. West Virginia has it all!

Fun For All Ages and Skill Levels

No matter what level of rafter you are, West Virginia has almost 2,000 miles of rivers that rumble through the Appalachian Mountains. Whether you are a beginner or an old pro it makes no difference. There is a rafting experience waiting for you.

The New River is a popular choice. It begins flowing in North Carolina and grows faster and faster as it rushes into West Virginia, eventually turning into New River Gorge National River. On average, it is 1 mile across and the old, storied walls make it a breathtaking journey through the canyons. It is the biggest whitewater river in the East and it rivals the “legendary” rafting rivers of Colorado.

The Gauley boasts more than 100 rapids and is over 28 miles long, covering very rugged terrain. The quality of its landscapes and rapids along with its inaccessibility makes The Gauley the #7 ranked rafting river in the world. Make sure you keep in mind the popularity of this River Rafting experience while planning your excursion. Book early in advance, it fills up quite quickly!

The Cheat is found in the northern part of West Virginia. This river has split personalities one would say. It goes from quiet and relaxing to raging and incredibly fast. There are 30 rapids on The Cheat between Albright and Jenkinsburg. Spring time is recommended for the experienced rafter only because it is the high season and the melting snow causes crazy fast rapids. The best time to raft The Cheat is during the months of April through June.

The Tygart is a very impressive mountain river. The best part being that it is a fairly recent discovery by rafting enthusiasts so it tends to not be crowded which can make for some very peaceful connecting with nature. A highlight of The Tygart is its 25 foot water slide! A lot of rafters will make a day of it and raft both The Cheat and The Tygart.

There are other lesser known choices in West Virginia also. Big Sandy Creek is quite scenic and located near the Pennsylvania border. The North Branch of the Potomac River is a great run after they release the dam at Jennings Randolph Lake. It runs between the borders of West Virginia and Maryland.

The Bluestone, Meadow, and Shenandoah Rivers also offer exciting rafting ventures while also adding a bit of a history lesson to those who wander into town to explore. And the hospitality is second to none.

No matter which river you chose to raft or how experienced you are, there is one thing that all rafters can agree on: Once you experience White Water Rafting in Virginia, you’ll be coming back for more. Once is never enough!

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