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The field of online marketing is ever growing and it never stops to change or evolve. There are frequent updates from search engine that change the way online marketers do promotion. Besides the promotion part, when an online marketer takes on the promotion of a website, he conducts a thorough analysis of the website, and then devises the rectifying measures.

This writing is concerned with the things a web marketing services provider must consider while doing the analysis of a website. The tips mentioned in this writing will help in achieving better outcomes out of the online marketing efforts.

1. Be a Critique:

The first thing a website owner or a webmaster providing service should do is an analysis of the website with skeptic eyes. During this analysis, there are two points, which you should focus on;

  • First is the ability of website to generate traffic
  • Second is the ability of website to convert this traffic into leads, and then into sales.

These are the two points within which you should analyze the content, the design, the calls-to-action, and the links of your website. The best way of making your website run on the right track is to critically analyze it yourself.

2. Keyword List:

Though this activity needs to be done when the website starts, but it is never too late to perform it during the website analysis phase. The prime objective of finalizing a keyword list is to get the basic idea of the type of search phrases the customers use to get to your website.

The keyword list can be developed by analyzing the data against the visit paid to the website by each visitor. By analyzing the search terms used by the visitors you can use them as your keywords, and after proper analysis of competition, you can develop an effective keyword strategy.

3. Ill Content Elimination:

Once the keyword list is developed in the analysis phase, now you need to compare the content of your website with the list, and see, which content works well with the keywords, and eliminate, which do not yield any traffic, or which is poorly developed. This way you will have only the relevant and best content pages, and you can do their promotion instead of wasting time on the pages that are ill built.

4. Old content Re-Writing:

During the analysis phase, you will surely come across the old content published on the website. Give a sharp eye to this content as well, see whether the old content is related to your keywords, and has the potential to generate traffic or not. If it is, then you can simply add something to the old content, or re-write it to make it appear fresh again, thus the customer will visit your website again for the same content.

5. Content Strategy:

Online marketing is all about creating value in the eye of the customer, and that can effectively be done with the help of content. In the analysis phase, examine your old content strategy and see where you have room for improvement. The content strategy must not only be concerned with development of content, rather it should also entail the ways the content will be disseminated, which sources will be better for link building, and which source would yield more traffic. All of these need to be considered before the development of content.


In short, the website analysis is one of the most important processes a business should conduct from time to time to check the level of effectiveness and efficiency of the website pertaining to achieving the online marketing objectives.

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