Fantastic Road Trip Snacks

Fantastic Road Trip Snacks

For anyone who has ever taken a road trip, no matter how far the destination, there are a few staples you store in the backseat. Books, CDs, chargers, and games for the kids are normally there. But what about snacks? Are they in arm’s reach of you? Snacks are a great thing to pack because they allow you to drive for longer distances without having to stop for a meal. Everything from candy to flavored popcorn should be included to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth.

Candy Mountain



While many moms are trying to get their families to eat healthier, candy should be included on long road trips. You can give the kids a piece as a reward for not asking if you are “there yet.” While you and your kids may want to bring along the Hershey’s bars, think twice before packing them. If you are driving in the summer, you don’t want melted chocolate all over the kids and the car.

Hard candies are usually a good choice. Jolly Ranchers are always a favorite, and some stores allow you to purchase a single flavor, not a variety bag. This is great if you have picky kids who only like watermelon or apple flavored candies instead of grape and orange.  Another good hard candy choice is the classic lollipop. These can work as treats for good behavior, winning one of many car games sure to be played, or just to get some peace and quiet in the backseat.

Sweet ‘n Salty



Sweet and salty snacks are always a hit. Purchase a giant bag of pretzels that the whole family can share for a salty treat. Also pack a bag or two of popcorn to balance the salty taste of pretzels with something sweet.  You can go with the traditional buttered popcorn or go with some flavored popcorn for a twist on the classic. Flavors of popcorn can range from normal buttered popcorn and cheddar cheese flavors to cheesecake or dill pickle. You can even choose fruity flavors such as blackberry, blueberry and everything else in between.

Healthy Choices

Okay, so now the kids have a sugar rush and you are wondering how to get them off of it. Or you may want to forgo the sugar high altogether and feed them healthy snacks on your trip. If you want to pack a cooler, fruits and veggies are an option. Grape tomatoes and assorted berries are perfect healthy snacking foods.  You can also pack some yogurt and granola to make a yummy parfait.

For those who don’t want to pack a cooler or have the room for one, there are other healthy options available. Have some cereal boxes or containers of cereal handy if you have the munchies. Cheerios are a great option for everyone from the littlest to the oldest.  Granola bars are also a hit with travelers. They can be stored anywhere, eaten in minutes, and leave no mess. What could be better than that?

No matter what type of snack food you choose, there are options available to everyone in your family. They don’t have to be over the top creations or full meals. Keep the options light and everyone will be happy. Remember, road trips are meant to be fun, so let your family live on the wild side and enjoy a treat or two along the way.

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