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Shopping online has many advantages, for example, you can shop whenever  and wherever you want to, even if it is two in the morning or eight in the evening. Another advantage to shopping online is not having to deal with the people in the town centre; your home will be less busy and will most likely be less stressful for you. Shopping online has become very popular with many people, whether it is shopping for gifts, electronics, food or clothing. The following shops are four of the most popular fashion stores online.
Boohoo was only launched in 2006 and have already been given the award (Lorraine Awards) for ‘best online retailer.’ Boohoo is currently one of the most popular fashion websites; they are very popular with teenagers, mostly girls, but they have also opened a new men’s clothing range to cater for everyone. Their clothing is very fashionable, up-to-date and reasonably priced. Most of their clothing come in a wide variety of sizes and colours; their clearance section sells items for as little as £2.00.
Asos was launched in 2000 and they sell clothing online for both men and women. In 2006, they were the first online store in the UK to launch a catwalk. They have set up their website in a fashion that allows customers to easily navigate around the site. They provide regular sizes, petite sizes and maternity sizes, so everyone is covered and has the opportunity to shop at Asos sell clothing to a variety of different countries, including the USA and Italy.
As well as fashionable clothing, also sells a variety of other things, for example, electronics and toys. However, this website is best known for its clothing. It sells fashionable clothing for everyone: men, women and children. Even though it is based in England, they are available online for many different countries, including the USA. Very is run by the Shop Direct Group; they also run Littlewoods. was launched in 2009 and is linked with many different celebrities, including Fearne Cotton and Diana Vickers.
This reputable online store is talked about in many of the popular magazines and it is another website linked with many celebrities, including Cheryl Cole and many of ‘The Only Way is Essex’ stars. This website also has very up-to-date and fashionable clothing. It only sells women’s clothing, but this does not make it any less popular. Missguided is based in the United Kingdom, however, it does allow people to order items from their site internationally.

These four stores are all online shops that have gained a lot of attention, some from both men and women. There is only one requirement for shopping online is having a computer that is connected to the internet; also, most shops you would visit at the mall or in the town centre will provide the same items, and sometimes more, online as they would in the store. So you do not have to get up off of the sofa to purchase that gorgeous new dress, those fabulous new shoes or that stylish new blouse.

My name is Claire and I love to write about fashion and other lifestyle related topics. One of my favourite shops to purchase shoes from is Plum Soles.