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Do you hate having your picture taken because you think you always end up looking horrible? And what makes it worse is that your friend or family member seems to be able to pull off a good picture no matter what.  After so many retakes, you may just want to give up on getting your picture taken. But, don’t. There are different things you can do to pull off that photogenic picture you want – and make your friends and others jealous.

Here’s how you can achieve those glamour photography ratings you’re yearning for.

Be picky about your outfit.
The first decision many make when planning a photo shoot is what to wear. Let’s face it – clothing can be tricky. While an outfit may look hot on a manikin and you imagine it will look ever hotter on you, you may try it on and want to run from the mirror. The style, color and material of clothing can have a drastic impact on your appearance. You may be a fan of stripes, but those horizontal lines can add pounds to your body. Rather, take the time to pick out an outfit that complements your body and features.

Don’t dump makeup on yourself.
While makeup may help you cover up your blemishes and help your facial features stand out, extreme amounts of makeup can also hurt your picture. The trick to makeup is to make it look as if you’re not wearing any and appear natural, while secretly enhancing your facial features. Wearing multiple layers of cover up, various shades of eye shadow and bright lipstick will help you standout, but in a negative way. While makeup can help cover up blemishes, it can also cover up your natural beauty.

Let your hair standout.
Next to makeup comes hair. While you may have a particular style that you favor, play around with your hair and see what other styles you can show off. Take note that your facial structure can impact how you decide to wear your hair.

Express yourself in front of the camera.
Getting a good shot of yourself isn’t just about the clothing you wear, makeup you put on and how you style your hair. It’s also about your character and attitude. You have a personality of your own that stands out – show it off in front of the camera.

Know how to flaunt what your Mama gave ya
Although you may think that posture isn’t a big deal, a good posture can improve your appearance.  For example, sitting down or standing up straight can help you look more alert and thinner.  Figure out how you want to pose and take note of how you look. Set aside the time to practice some demos and find the perfect pose.

Whether you decide to work with a professional portrait studio before your shoot or want to do it yourself, keep these tips in mind and get those glamour photography ratings you deserve.

Jillian Johnson is a professional marketing content writer who can blog all day about fashion & beauty, and the latest trends and hottest styles.  Follow her @MissWritey for more blogs!