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It’s essential that you make sure to look after your stunt scooter in order to keep it in top condition for every time you take it out for a spin.

Now, please do not be put off by thinking maintenance work will take a lot of effort because this is simply not true. Just giving your stunt scooter a check over after a crazy day on the park will allow you to check for any damage that will need repairing and a chance to give your scooter a quick clean down.

Maintenance is fully dependent on how frequently you use your scooter and how far you push it to the limits.

Routine Maintenance
Before and after every ride you should be routinely checking for any damages to your scooter. The two crucial compartments that you should check before each riding session are your wheels and your bearings. Check your wheels to make sure that they are not worn down, if they are then it is recommended that you replace them as riding on worn down wheels means you will have less grip which will affect your turning and stopping, which could result in a serious accident.

You will need to check your wheel bearings for any excessive damage, this also includes checking the bolts. If on inspection you spot any damage or you believe that your bolts are loose, you can simply replace or tighten them. Whilst in the checking process listen to see if you can hear any grating noises, if you can then you will need to fix or adjust your wheel bearings.

It is also recommended that you routinely check the front and rear forks, the foot plate, handle bars and the handle bar grips, the quick release mechanism, and the brakes. For all these things you will be looking for general wear and tear and secureness, check to see if things are loose- by tightening or replacing the joints should fix the problem.

Annual Maintenance
If you use your stunt scooter frequently and you really like to push it to the limits than below is a recommendation of things that you should be checking to make sure you are riding correctly and safely.

You may need to replace your wheel bearings, your front handlebar stem, and the handlebar grips if they are damaged or worn. Thoroughly check the whole of your scooter for damage especially the quick release mechanism to make sure it is still operating correctly, and use lubricant to areas suggested by the scooter manufacturer. These tips are essential for your own safety and the care of your scooter, the better you look after the scooter the better it will perform.

Finally you need to keep the scooter clean, giving it a wash will only take a few minutes and it will give you a shiny looking ride.

Written by Leisha Hankin, a blogger for Funbikes- A company which specialises in a wide variety of bikes, bike spares and stunt scooters.