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The new generation LG G3 is an amazing smartphone. And it is powered with all massive specifications.

If we talk about the design and display of LG G3, 74.6% of the front surface of the device takes a multi-touch 5.5-inch IPS-screen with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels (538 ppi).

Also, the available accessories for LG G3 are really good. Put in a word about the new corporate cover Quick Circle, which will be the perfect companion flagship. It has a circular window for quick access to the six applications that are most commonly used. Along the contour of a strip of LEDs can be seen. Quick Circle-CaseCase Quick Circle – the perfect protective accessory for LG G3

LG G3 Overview: The Amazing Smartphone

Hardware Base and Software

LG G3 has quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor with a clock frequency of 2.5 GHz, coupled with 2GB of RAM. LG G3 on speed is not a role model: but its display has quadruple the resolution. Maybe if it was a Snapdragon processor 805, fared better. However, with the 801st smartphone chip performance is quite good, and its performance can be improved in the new version of firmware.

LG G3 comes in two memory versions one with 16GB and 32 GB on board. Both have support for microSD memory cards up to 128 GB. This is so in the flagship. There’s even a NFC. LG G3 – the first smartphone with a brand new shell, which subtly similar to HTC Sense, iOS7, even TouchWiz.

The interface LG G3 is not that simple. Developers have combined many similar diversion programs in a single package. For example, applications Notebook, QuickMemo and Memo reunited less than one program QuickMemo+.

Camera LG G3 LG G3 D855-camera comes with improved optical stabilization. The main camera LG G3 is proudly a leader. It uses a 13-megapixel unit with a diaphragm 1 / 3.06″ and improved optical stabilization. Bonus is the laser focus. And yes, it is the world’s first flagship with such technology.

Camera Resolution of LG G3 is not the highest, but there is an advanced optical image stabilization system, the matrix captures more light. Focusing the laser model and the camera works very quickly. Indeed, LG G3 must be palatable to fans of mobile photography, in particular, also because the smartphone has a dual flash, necessary to adjust the color temperature.

In the front facing camera, the new product is also nice. This is the standard 2 MP, but its matrix has a higher pixel size than competitors (1,4 um compared with 1,12 um in the same “space” S5). The manufacturer claims that this gives an excellent shots when shooting in low light conditions.

In addition, the LG G3 has an interesting gesture recognition technology is implemented. LG G3 broke far ahead in the acoustic possibilities. The new flagship sounds much louder than LG G Pro 2, known in the circles of music lovers. It involved the same power speaker – 1 Watt, but it is possible, if necessary, turn up the volume even doubled. Although, to be honest, competitive HTC One gives you a head start to our hero in sound quality, but in terms of volume LG G3 is steeper.

Yes, LG G3 is overall an interesting smartphone and we hope in upcoming generations LG G4 and LG G5, LG engineers will keep the flow and bring something unique and revolutionary.