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People love animals. They treat their pets like family. I know I do. Some people treat their pets so much like family that they take their pets’ feelings into consideration when looking for used cars for sale in NJ. That’s right, the Garden State has compiled an actual list of the best cars whether they are new or used, for pet owners. Now, that’s something. But, to be perfectly honest I wish someone had made this list when I was carting around a 125 pound German Shepard a few years ago. It would have made life so much easier for sure.

I guess it really a good thing to have this information. I don’t like riding in anything smaller than my SUV. I feel cramped and confined and just totally not safe is a car. I would imagine that is how a large dog feels if you stick it in the backseat of a Yugo. So, for all the pet lovers out there, here is the list according to the website, TrueCar.

The Toyota Prius 5-door—it is not only efficient with gas mileage, it’s a great place for a dog to stretch out in. It is only recommended though for cats, small dogs and all their gear. The Toyota Camry—its rear seating area has so much room that a small dog will feel like it is in a kennel run. The Hyundai Elantra Limited—it has rear heated seats so your furry pal will be warm and cozy while traveling in the winter months. The Subaru Outback H4 and the Ford Escape XLS—they are great choices due to their rear cargo space, back door, and the ability to fence off doggy from other passengers in the car. The Ford F-150 Supercab XLT—I mean seriously, what dog doesn’t love to ride in a pickup truck??

Those are just some of the pet friendly cars and trucks out there. Of course I will always prefer my Jeep. I’ve had five of them and I will drive them until I die. And my dogs always had plenty of room and comfort while traveling with me. So, just keep in mind that when you are looking for used cars for sale in NJ and you have a pet that travels with you often, there are some cars that are better choices than others. We all want our favorite, snuggly, furry pals to be as safe and comfortable as the rest of our family.

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