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Who Are The Top Business Speakers In The UK?

Business speakers represent excellent choices for an event in the UK. Combining strong perspectives and expertise on specialised and more general areas, while also bringing distinctive personalities and anecdotes to events, business speakers can be dynamic and memorable. Moreover, business speakers can come from multiple fields, or can have expertise in a number of different research, planning and marketing areas, while also demonstrating an overall understanding of how to produce an excellent speech. Some of the best business speakers currently available in the UK include:

1 – Alex Hunter

One of the UK’s best investors and advisors, Hunter is an expert in branding and online marketing, and has been involved in the Rainforest Trust and SeedCamp. Hunter has also been involved in marketing for the Virgin Group, and provides expertise in terms of cutting edge marketing.

2 – Craig Sams

A founding partner of chocolate firm Green and Black’s, Sams has a long history in organic and healthy trade that goes back to an early investment in the restaurant trade. Sams can offer talks on fair trade, effective branding for ethical companies, and general business development.

3 – Dan Germain

Known for the Innocent smoothies range, Germain specialises in forms of innovative marketing, and can speak about his experiences of building up and maintaining the Innocent brand into a global success.

4 – Gerald Ratner

A former CEO, Ratner lost his job when he made a public gaffe about the quality of his company’s products. Since then Ratner has rebuilt his business image, and is able to combine anecdotes about his changing experiences and public exposure with more general advice about leadership.

5 – Jason Jennings

A leading researcher, Jennings has worked in television, and has been involved in various groups and business development schemes across a range of fields. Able to cover a wide range of business topics, Jennings has also been involved in publishing on health and wellbeing.

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6 – Ken Robinson

A world leading expert in business and educational development, Ken Robinson is an excellent speaker on leadership and business growth. Having acted as an advisor to governments and Fortune 500 companies, Robinson has also developed an international reputation for strong keynote speeches.

7 – Liz Jackson

A marketing expert who has achieved success in spite of going blind as an adult, Jackson is one of the UK’s most effective speakers, and specialises in new forms of promotion through her Great Guns Marketing agency.

8 – Mary Portas

A retail guru and television personality, Portas is able to speak on a range of subjects, but is most known for her expertise on high street marketing and customer satisfaction, which have formed the basis for her recent television appearances.

9 – Peter Draper

With decades of experience in sports marketing and branding, Draper’s work at clothing manufacturer Umbro saw him work with some of the leading sides and franchises in world sport, making him an expert in communications and brand positioning.

10 – Wayne Garvie

The former head of the BBC Entertainment Group and BBC Worldwide, Garvie’s specialism is in media creativity, new media and brand delivery. Garvie also has expertise in television production, international format development and distribution.

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  • Agree with all of the above - really great way to inspire an audience at a corporate event, and those particular speakers are all truly motivational and have done exciting things.

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